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Pure Flow™ Yoga takes you past vinyasa flow to re-embody your practice in a new, deeper, stronger way! Taking principles of vinyasa flow, Pure Flow™ continues to link movement, and breath while equally giving you the space to re-define, and re-educate your muscles with longer holds in standing postures, giving you a chance to move past the shell of the pose, and delve deeper into the depth of each pose in a non-aggressive approach with an upbeat pace..

Gaze (dristi), bandhas (internal lifts), asana (postures) & ujjayi pranayam (victorious breath) are the canvas for exploration & contemplation, thus easing you into newer depths of your practice! Experience a more open, and graceful body on this breath journey. Asanas (poses), pranayama (breath) are explained. Yogi/inis are encouraged to practice to their skill level. Advanced arm balances, inversions, and backbends are always made available. Find inner, and outer strength, relaxed, and steady mind. Global music, hands on assistance, and meditation in every session. re-charge, re-energize, re-balance, re-awaken, and RE-IGNITE your practice by allowing your prana to Flow Pure. Elevate your practice with Pure Flow™! All Levels are welcome!

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Martha Graham said “We learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same.” Yoga is not to be confused with performance, as it is not for the purpose of outward expression. Yoga is a vehicle for inward focus and realizing one’s true essence. After seeing Graham II perform, I was reminded that a true dancer or master artist of any kind has to embody principles of yoga to deeply enjoy the same piece over and over and relay a spontaneous performance each time. These principles are in essence to live fully and experience life in the moment, however repetitive, without notions of the last time one practiced or had a projection of future hopes, but just being present with what is, whatever comes up in the moment of life. It is truly beautiful to watch someone live the same movements anew; I experienced the same appreciation watching their performance as I feel when I see a yoga student have a new revelation after the hundredth time of practicing an asana. While in yoga class there is no audience to remind us that this is a unique moment in time, each time we step onto the mat for yoga asana practice we are given a unique opportunity to experience anew a repetitive movement, to absorb a new lesson from our experience. There is an art to “going through the motions” with freshness, and this begins with our mental attitude toward the practice. The key is to keep an open heart and a humble mind, never to feel that you know something or to have preconceived notions and ideas, never to make banal and boring the magic of creation: be open. Be ready to learn, from everything, always, and then the poles of a “positive” and “negative” experience do not seem so far apart. A stiff day carries lessons as does a day when life feels fluid and seamless. Wishing you all patient, compassionate, committed, and humble practice – May we all learn openly from all that arises on the mat.