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Balanced Hips… From the Inside Out!

“Slowly and mindfully release old tensions and holding patterns in the hips to bring more freedom to our movement and rediscover our emotions and creative energies.” When our hips aren’t working properly… When they’re stiff, tight, injured or out of balance-it’s as if they’re clogged. When this area is blocked, things get stuck, emotional and physical messes piles up, and we face a myriad of issues surrounding intimacy, and change. To cleanse this part of the body, we first have to open it up. In this master class, we’ll do just that, delving deep into the entire pelvic region through multiple externally rotated standing poses, and some of the most generous hip openers-gomukhasana (cow face pose), eka pada rajakapotasana (pigeon pose), frog, and a whole host of others. We’ll also use deep breath work and meditation to rebalance the nervous system and calm our emotions, bringing us back into equilibrium. In addition, this area is the home of the svadisthana chakra, our pelvic floor… An emotional region, and is closely tied to the spleen and our digestive system. When the second chakra is out of balance, we suffer low back and hip pain, in addition to issues in our relationships with others and ourselves, but when unobstructed, we are free to be playful, present, and receptive. We are unstuck! The activities and stresses of our daily lives can often lead to tightness & discomfort in our hips. But, in this master class our specifically focused practice on easing that tension and cultivating hip flexibility and strength will bring you to joy, bliss and balance from the inside out! If you are interested in exploring ways to improve hip mobility or simply deepen your yoga practice then this master class is for you. There will be modifications and progressions of poses suitable for all practitioners. See you on your mat!

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Shoulder Openers & The Thoracic Spine: Deep Opening for Depth in Backbending

Ever wonder if you’re doing your chaturangas correctly? Ever wonder why your shoulders, upper back and neck feel SO tight, strained or possibly hurt? The Shoulders hold the key to open the flexibility in the upper back; learn how to liberate shoulder flexion and extension in order to facilitate better and deeper backbends, stronger arm balances and inversions and healthy “Chaturangas”, and eliminate pain in the shoulders, upper back and neck for good! Shoulder alignment is the key to so many poses in our yoga practice, yet we often overburden the wrong parts of the shoulder girdle and put strain on inappropriate joints, muscles and even the heart. By isolating the anatomy and movements of the shoulder girdle by active opening through preperatory postures, and the use of props you’ll learn the most efficient way to move and support weight in the upper body. Through additional awareness of breath, the energetic system-sheath of the thoracic spine (and area as a whole), the shoulder girdle will begin to move with steadiness and ease allowing the heart to open fully! Partner work with hand-on adjustments will further teach how to objectively observe patterns, openings, and obstructions in our individual bodies. From downward facing dog to DEEP Backbends, your new chaturanga will have you feeling strong and stable, yet light and free! There will be modifications and progressions of poses suitable for all practitioners. See you on your mat!

Opening of the Heart: An Exploration in Backbending and Anahata Chakra

It’s not about the deepest backbend you can do, it’s about the compassion and patience you bring to your practice. In this master class we’ll work on the foundations of opening anahata; our heart chakra – a wheel of energy that moves in and around your heart – to let go of tightness and gripped upper backs and shoulders as we and dive into the practice of backbends which are the most expressive heart openers. Tap into your spacious heart center to feel empowered and at ease. This master class is designed to help deepen your understanding and awareness of the upper body in yoga, focusing on the heart center (anahata chakra). In doing so we can begin to let go of old patterns and discomfort in the shoulders, chest and neck in a subtle, yet powerful way. We will explore back-bending with support from our deepest core, find comfortable alignment in our lower backs as we equally cultivate deep opening in our upper backs (thoracic spine). All whilst weaving in breath awareness and meditation to facilitate a longer lasting sense of wellbeing. Deepening the connection to our hearts we feel more open and confident from the inside out. Ideal for those wishing to deepen their practice, tight shoulders and upper backs are welcome and encouraged!

Arm Balancing: Cultivating Strength, Lightness, joy and fearlessness!

In this master class we’ll explore arm balances in a safe and approachable way, helping you overcome fears and preconceptions, build core strength, enhance the strength and stability of your shoulders and wrists, improve your focus and concentration, and awaken a greater sense of aliveness. As we move through a well rounded asana practice including sun salutations, standing postures, hip openers, and core work to prepare for a variety of arm balances and inversions. You will learn how to safely support weight on your wrists and shoulders, how to access your pelvic floor and find your center of gravity. We’ll work on finding that delicate balance between strength and flexibility that enables us to experience arm balances with ease. We’ll focus on developing the elements necessary to blow your practice wide open as we experiment with fun and challenging arm balances. Arm balances cultivate a deeper sense of strength, stamina, and self-confidence and are a reflection of a refined sense of power and agility that will add sparkle to your practice! Whether you’re refining your postures or just learning them, this master class will offer tips to help you find better integration and effortlessness. We will learn with an emphasis on experimentation rather than perfectionism. Come prepared to have FUN! By the end of the master class you WILL be able to do something you’ve never done before! Benefits of Arm Balances and Weight Bearing Poses:

  • Builds Core and Upper Body Strength
  • Boosts confidence, concentration and balance
  • Improves Balance Reflexes
  • Improves function of shoulders, wrists and hands
  • Prevents osteoporosis and broken bones
  • Inspires creativity and happiness

Inversions: Flipping Our World Upside Down and Seeing Everything From a New Perspective! ••• {Both On and Off the Mat} •••

Reversing gravity gives the feet and legs a much needed rest and make us see the world in a new light. As we literally flip our world upside down, it sheds a new perspective on old patterns and behavior. Inversions reduce stress and anxiety, increase concentration, regulate metabolism and stimulate the pituitary gland (which stimulates the entire endocrine system). Because practicing inversions regularly stimulates the metabolism and your body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins, lightening you physically as well as mentally–inversions truly are some of the most beneficial asanas in our practice! By embracing inversions and flipping your perspective, you can begin to welcome life’s obstacles with ease and grace. Learn Elinore’s unique system of breaking down and teaching inversions to help you redefine your relationship with gravity and your body. You will look at the anatomy and alignment of inversions, how to use your “midline” to find steadiness and perhaps enjoy some unique, playful variations! We’ll start by warming up our bodies, and the necessary pieces of our bodies that need to open and be “educated” for inversions… Especially our core – front and back. Then we’ll break down different ways to come into and out of multiple inversions in creative, playful, intelligent ways! Once fears are abated, you’ll learn different ways to safely incorporate inversions into your everyday practice! In addition, we’ll learn how to safely and easily fall out of inversions. When the worst that can happen is a gentle controlled fall, there’s nothing to be afraid of. We can invert to our hearts content! This master class is meant for any one with a sense of adventure – beginners and advanced yoga junkies alike!